PowerShell: nice reports…

… thanks to Google fonts. I did a video 2 years back. Worth just capturing the code from that:

It’s here. Also see this post about WinRM/CIM – gets me every time. Code below is here.


PowerShell: more on remoting on a new-build

A while back I wrote this about remoting across machines on a home network. In fact those machines were not newly built, so the article did not show the following screenshots, which I took today from a machine that I have rebuilt to accommodate the £40 SSD I wrote about a few weeks back. The previous article and these screenshots should give all the context you need. Having said, I have just (May 2016) tried to run these steps in the ISE rather than the command line, and it hangs before displaying “Make these changes [y/n]? y”. So I suggest running this one not in the ISE, and in admin mode, as ever, for these operations.