Windows Phone: Blu – damn, damn, damn… and oh, did I say? DAMN

So a couple of days back, the screen on my January 2014-bought Lumia 920 smashed. Acceptable: I’ve had it over 18 months, and apart from the woeful battery life, I have been entirely happy with it. Emma (daughter – 17) says to me (paraphrasing, of course) “Dad: it’s no biggie, but did I hear you say that you will be getting a new phone, and a Windows Phone, to boot? Well, if it’s any hassle at all forget it, but the phone I spent a long time deciding on, the Lumia 735, that arrived 2 weeks ago, well, I know I said that the lack of apps didn’t matter, but there are a lot of apps (most significant of which for a teenager is SnapChat) that my friends have… and that I don’t. So I’d like an Android Phone, please.” Fine. At least it’s not an eye-wateringly expensive IPhone contract. Fine. Until 1 hour ago… when I saw this…

, and this…


I just want one. Ah well. I’ll just have to wait until my brand-new 735 (with a green cover, as requested) expires. Come back in 2017.

Boo hoo