My music: more instruments

I still feel my synthesised acoustic instruments are not as good as I would like… but I’m not spending thousands on them. A site had an offer on some at £45, so I downloaded the trial:


Firstly: it’s absolutely massive – the download totals about 35GB (nothing wrong with that – just an observation). The strings and the acoustic guitars are good, certainly at this price. But the killer is the DREADFUL installation and copy protection process, which uses ILok. The pain just isn’t worth it. I won’t be buying this one.


Note to self to look at Sample Tank as an alternative. Review.


Music: BeatStation

While I’m waiting to pick Emma up from Stratford at 0045 (don’t think the 0600 bike ride will be happening now), I’ve been amusing myself with BeatStation, which I bought last year and hadn’t used.

Just a drum line, bass line and some 12 string type guitar (arranged in Reaper, as usual)… which you could do yourself and I might. Slowed the BPM down to 104, it never changes chord, and actually it sounds all right. Listen to it here:



Latest ETA is 0100…

Have another play – even simpler than the one above…



Music: composition

After a year of doing no composition (and with only 1 piece as real evidence that anything got done), I’m resurrecting the keyboard, VSTs, the USB interface. It was all complicated a bit by the fact that I have moved to another laptop… but not too much. I was concerned at first that Windows 10 does not support music and latency etc. as 8.1 bit, but I think that is down to the laptop speaker… which I don’t particularly care about.

Although this is only a bar or 2, I got there by using the LesPaul section from my ProDimension pro VST… which is a lot of VST for the £9 or so I paid on offer.