Trip to the USA – Atlanta and Norcross

I had a great trip to Atlanta (1 day) and Norcross1 (2 days). There was a delay of several hours on the way out at LHR, where I was initially fearful, given the large number of guns and spooks around, that the airline and Heathrow suspected they had not done quite a good enough job of securing the flight. However, all was revealed once we got on the plane, and Jimmy Carter wandered up and down the aisles shaking hands with anyone willing to do so.


Jimmy Carter

I had arrived a day early in Atlanta,with a colleague, to get to know the main city a little, and booked into a hotel in the centre of Atlanta. The view from my room:


Atlanta from my room






We did a few things, including a trip to the local museum, which has a good permanent collection of European and American art.


At the museum

There was also an exhibition of concept cars. Although I took some pictures, I certainly can’t improve on those available on their website.


Some colleagues on a ScrumMaster Certification course

The location of the course was great, the company was great – very welcoming to us Brits (there were 3 of us, the others all fairly local Americans), and the food was great…ish.


Just spotted this on the subject of markdown

And this is pretty useful for emphasising links more:

<a style="color:green;font-weight:bold;"...

If you want a centralised style.css, well you can’t unless you pay for it, as far as I can see. And maybe I’ll go that way.

The pictures of the cars I downloaded all had the suffix *.ashx. That is evidently just a synonym for .jpg, but many picture viewers don’t know that. So we could of course just say from Windows cmd

ren *.ashx *.jpg

But why do that, when you have an excuse to burn way more keystrokes using  PowerShell:

Get-ChildItem | Rename-Item -NewName {$_.Name -replace '\.ashx$','.jpg' }

These trashy adverts at the bottom of the page are fairly annoying. I wouldn’t mind so much if they related in any way to my lifestyle and values, but they don’t. £20 per year it seems, to go ad-free. I’ll see if I maintain momentum with the site, and then decide.


1As a general principle, I will not mention the name of my company.