An SSD to replace my HDD

In my 2012 I3 laptop, I replaced the old 512GB hard disk with a 240GB SanDisk SSD.

These are the numbers…

With the HDD in place:


With the SSD in place:


The improvement in speed is of course immediate, i.e. I am pleased, in case that fact doesn’t come across 🙂

Being greedy however, I did notice that SanDisk claim these figures for this disk, which is at the low end of their pricing:


I’m getting a bit better than half that 520 number. Perhaps the SanDisk “dashboard” running on the I3 explains this:


There is zero chance that I will upgrade the interface – it’s good enough as it is.

I paid £40 for this cheaper model (currently about £55 retail).

The same size in the Ultra II is £63 right now, and £89 for the Extreme Pro:


While the 240GB is quite small, I don’t need a lot of volume for things that run on my main laptop, so this price and size suits me just fine.

October 2016

I now need a bigger drive due to the size of the NI Komplete 10 suite I bought recently. While I wait for a decent offer on a 1TB SSD (£150 has been seen in the past, don’t know if Brexit and the pound sterling rate will now affect that), I’ve been looking at 1TB SSHD. The best of the bunch seems to be WD. Good review here.

What I can’t emphatically tell is what it will mean in MY real world. These are the numbers from that review. You can make your own conclusions compared to the HD and SSD above: