SSRS 2014: hmm…

This is, as will be plain, just a dump of screenshots, recording my experience with VSU 2013 Update 4, SQLServer Express 2014 including Reporting Services, Data Tools, and generally the whole poorly thought-out show that is SSRS 2014, when you might have thought they would have taken the chance to do a root and branch treatment, get everything into 1 place, rather than a download here, a download there.

ssrs01 ssrs02 ssrs03 ssrs04 ssrs05 ssrs06 ssrs07 ssrs08 ssrs09 ssrs10 ssrs11 ssrs12 ssrs13 ssrs14 ssrs15 ssrs16 ssrs17 ssrs18 ssrs19 ssrs20 ssrs21 ssrs22 ssrs23 ssrs24 ssrs25 ssrs26 ssrs27 ssrs28 ssrs29 ssrs30 ssrs31 ssrs32 ssrs33 ssrs34 ssrs35 ssrs36 ssrs37 ssrs38 ssrs39 ssrs40 ssrs41


I’ve been using the SQLServer Express full edition with Data Tools. However when you go to deploy your Reporting Solution in VS2013, note that it doesn’t support Shared Datasets, like it says:


Which is fair enough for free. However, as I need to be deploying reports without having to edit their content, that is no use for me, so I shall now uninstall SQLServer Express, and install the full fat version (I have an MSDN subscription).

AdventureWorks DW 2014

This is fairly useful as a ready-made set of data: I’ve not used the Dim/Fact set before, but may as well, as it goes hand in hand with reporting. Get them here.