Azure: no RDP available

Summary: normally, when I create a VM, the RDP connection is setup by default. But tonight, the Connect button on the portal was greyed out, and the RDP link in my local RDP Manager just dumbly timed out. This shows the things to check and add to resolve.

(This before I met the problem). Decided to treat myself to an SSD…

No screenshot, but the VM overview, once created and running, shows the VM both  running AND connectable. However this time the Connect button was greyed out. So from the menu for the VM, I selected Inbound security rules…

This showed that I indeed had no RDP rule:

I went ahead and added a rule…


and after a while it is there:

Note that a refresh of the portal left the Connect button still grey, but my DNS entry from the RDP manager now worked, and that’s all I need:

Job done.