AspNetCore and Yeoman: First Steps

This is a good starting point. I started out with a bare Windows Server 2016. That is, no Dotnet Core or Dotnet SDK binaries were installed to start with.

Challenges I found, to single some out:

The combination of a say tool which controls its own colors and PowerShell can be REALLY annoying. There are points when it is almost impossible to distinguish the text from the background when using Yeoman… so I switched reluctantly back to CMD.

I want to be doing ALL my installation using CLI, that is effectively choco and npm. However, there ain’t no such thing for the dotnetcore sdk, although there is for dotnetcore itself.


For now, some PowerShell history snippets, and all the screenshots.

iwr | iex

choco install nodejs.install -g

npm install -g yo generator-aspnet-spa
npm install -g webpack
npm install -g yo generator-aspnetcore-spa
yo aspnetcore-spa
npm install dotnetcore
dotnet new
choco install dotnetcore-runtime -y
yo aspnetcore-spa

DotNet SDK – dotnet-dev-win-x64.1.0.0-preview2-1-003177.exe




Node: Install

You might also want to see the earlier post here.

I went to a new Windows Server, and dumbly starting typing in Node, and npm, and nothing…


Go here.


Grab whichever version suits you…








And now for the web server. Again credit to this person here

npm install express