TruePiano VST and Mozart

This SoundCloud 10 second snippet was done using the demo version of the TruePiano piano.


Piano VSTs

Yamaha wallpaper

The quest for a decent Piano VST continues. Well, I should add FREE piano VST. At some point, I may well pay £100+ for one, but not many of them offer samples to understand what you are actually buying. TruePiano is an exception.

So coming to the free ones, there is Amore Grand Piano which teasingly says it is free… but because it only runs inside Kontakt, you have to buy the full version of Kontakt, at I think £300+. And it’s a great sound, until you get the error message after 15 minutes inside Kontakt inside Reaper saying you have to upgrade to the full version.

Which then currently leaves CV Piano (make sure you get it from the link), and this, and I’ve only tried the latter, but sounds pretty good so far. And in fact regarding, the former (cvpiano), forget it: I just went to download it, and it’s bound up with all sorts of adware.

EzKeys Grand Piano was another thought… but interesting that this set of reviews emphasise its excellence for song composition, but mark it down on the quality of the VST itself.

Then there is the Synthogy, which the bulk of people rate highly.

You could look at reviews of these things forever… and never hit a note.

Darn it, and now there’s the Galaxy, which gets the best review for a pure piano VST, so far.

And now there’s a sale on  SampleTekk… will it never end.

And the winner for me of the free Piano VST (now leave it alone) is CVPiano. The link above may disappear, as Tascam somewhere said they were discontinuing support, and it does look like a Windows 95 type installation, but the tone is good.

That gives me a chance to dwell on the tone of something superior.

Then there are midi controllers: a review of one from Kawai, about $2000

Yet more pianos – this from NI at £129 – Classic Piano Collection

And from PianoTeq at 99 euros which contains a D4 (Steinway?) and a K2, whatever that is.

There is also EZKeys

Found this very good comparison of piano VSTs:




DAW and VST locations

Reaper the DAW is stored here (what is ITS licence number?) ReaperLoc01 The VSTs are stored here – probably not the best name for a permanent location: MusicSandboxLoc01 Example of the stuff currently in there, and today I’ve been using Kirnu, Z3TA+ 2 (remember it as Zeta 2). Kirnu is an arpeggiator. And I’ve got a half-decent piano in VPlayer.dll – there is also allegedly a Bass, but I can’t get it to work: SomeVtstsVPlayer – the piano VST. When it is on offer, I’ll get EZKeys.

Interesting post re paralysis-through-VST-accumulations.

Having spend £100 on EzDrummer, I thought I was going to have spend another £50 on additional drum kits, as the defaults just sound too rock and 70s, but in fact there are some other… let’s call them tunings – Disco Pop sounds to be the most useful, more contemporary one:


And the free set of midi drum files are pretty useful, especially these 2, so far:

D:\downloads\InstantDrumPatterns\Instant Drum Patterns\Drum Patterns Type 0\200 Patterns Type 0

In fact this is a better location for all these midi files – let’s stick to this: