Linux (Zorin 12.1): what can you do

This is firstly a test post, using Chromium on Linux, specifically Zorin. Although 30 (ahem) years ago I might have considered myself a Unix whizz… well I’ve forgotten a lot of what I knew. It’s sitting there, but needs to be teased out. And of course at that time there was no GUI to speak off.

The very first positive thing I note is that speed of bootup (I have installed native rather than live) compared to Windows (7 in this case). The mechanical disk in the old laptop I am using really struggles to return the command prompt in less than say 5 minutes on Windows, whereas having wiped Windows and replaced with Zorin, I would say it is close to 1 minute. It’s entirely my impression and anecdotal.

Apart from installing LastPass for Linux, my first non-admin task is to install Android Studio. Instructions for Linux are here.