Visual Studio Code: Intellisense for Angular

Firstly, credit to this person for getting me to a certain point. However, after attempting this line from the steps:

typings install angular --ambient --save

, I was rewarded with this message:

The GitHub URL looked promising, so I took a look there. More drilling takes you here:

And if you read the contribution from said blakeembrey, you get the normal thing of some man or woman heroically fighting a tide of requests…  in their own time. Blake Embrey: I salute you! 🙂

So anyway, Blake quite reasonably suggests looking at the ReadMe (remember to scroll down when you get to the link). In there, we find this nugget:

Let’s take that principle, look for the Typings package for Angular, and install it:

typings search --name angular
typings install dt~angular --global --save

(So the only change really is the [dt~])

Now, we’ll close and re-open VSC, just in case, start our JavaScript file, and see what happens (spoiler: it works):


I didn’t show you the before picture – you’ll just have to trust me, you won’t get IntelliSense for Angular out of the box in Visual Studio Code