Bikes: So I got a road bike…

… primarily because it was just disheartening (almost literally, as on the harder climbs it indeed felt as though my heart was ready to burst out of my chest) to see Jan climbing away effortlessly up the hills on her road bike.

I got this:


Apart from certain irritants such as the cheapness of the toe grips and the reflector on the pedals falling off on the first trip, it’s a great bike, particularly given the combination of the various discounts.

This is the route we took yesterday, with a half pint and crisps at the Fox Inn in Ellisfield


A bit more on the bike – I was torn between whether to get the 55.5 or the 57.5 frame. Why wasn’t I sure? Well, Halfords is understandably in the game mostly of shifting boxes – there was not a single bike, regardless of make, that was available for me to try out on a 57.5 frame. And of course, the “try-out” consisted of weaving in low gear between all the customers in a busy shop. But on the up-side, they put the bike together quickly, it is a very good price, I think, and it is great fun to ride, given it is way lighter than my existing hybrid bike, which still has a purpose, as it can carry paniers, go across rougher terrain… neither of which I will be doing on this one.

BMPics01 BMSpecs01


Robert had asked me how much the bike weighs: by standing on the scales with and without the bike a number of times, I got this answer: 10.5 kilos