Cycling: MapMyRide and Google Earth

This was supposed to be a very short piece, but then it got way too interesting. This (Sunday) morning, Jan and I did an hour’s cycle ride out to Ellisfield. Thanks to MapMyRide, I know it was about 11 miles.

But because it is a very steep ride, I wanted to know the elevation. Tracing out the route (I just have the free subscription, btw), there was amusing stuff, like this “3D” video…


But nothing as far as I could see to give more stats (edit – so giving the post a test run, suddenly I see elevation stats. Fine). Then I saw this:


Drill into that, and you get this…


The combination of markup and Google Earth has to be promising. We download that..


Then download Google Earth


Then File/Open/(the kml file from above), after which you have this:


Right click anywhere on the red route and select Show Elevation Profile:


Clicking brings up this, with the focus on the start of the brutal climb. At least I made it today… previously I’ve had to get off and walk while Jan ambles past me… tortoise and hare style (hair style… never mind).