The Sea: paddling in Chichester Harbour

A number of years back, I used to have boats, more specifically sailing dinghies. A GP14, followed by a Miracle. Jan hated all the ceremony and rigging and derigging that went with it. Not that she came along often. But I always found there was never a shortage of willing crew: people just love beingĀ invited to crew your boat, even if they know nothing about sailing (so you’d better be a good helm!).

So the dinghies went (a couple of years ago now), and 2 years back we bought the inflatable canoe/kayak in the photos below and elsewhere on this site. I had not previously considered going on the sea (Chichester Harbour is admittedly not really “the sea”, but it does make for great dinghy sailing, with all the tacking that is needed through the narrow channels before high tide.). And it took Rob (see below) to persuade me to do it. I was admittedly reluctant given the unknown of pulling against a strong tide without the benefit of a sail to help you.

Much more to be done on this but I (the bald one) and my friend Rob took out my inflatable kayak at the weekend. I had forgotten, but Rob’s interest in this was the location in the map below, which happened to be a geo-cache. Although we had the wind and tide against going out from Emsworth, it was actually pretty easy going. On reflection, part of the reason it was so easy was the shallowness of the water outside the main channel, which doesn’t give the tide much chance to get a proper grip.