Big Bang Fair

Day off work: taking Emma to the Big Bang Fair at Ally Pally: map01

Oop! The controversy starts.

Later that day… so it turned out that although there was a STEM focus, it was a bit of a scrum, with the more interesting booths and exhibits being rushed, in a polite way, by hordes of younger school children.

I found an (initially) unmobbed booth where a nice man was explaining the principles of capacitive screens in mobile phones, with his demo hooked up to an Arduino. He then went on to show me/us a Lego Next robot drawing a circle, hooked up via bluetooth to a Mac running java. Apparently the OS was Legos – doh, of course, Lego and OS, just realised. In fact Lejos.


ShardFromAllyPally   The Shard From Alexandra Palace

We must have spent at most an hour there, and then walked down to Muswell Hill, to Feast, which served a truly great burger, with Emma having a goat’s cheese salad. There was 12.5% on the bill, which I took to be service, but didn’t ask. Toilet watch: Clean, but dryer blows out cold air, and cuts off for a minute every 10 seconds. Coffee watch: excellent – nothing tops Caffè Nero for me, but this came close.