Ebay: selling costs

Selling costs

Jan is looking to sell some furniture that she is shabby-chic’ing, and we need to know the costs of that. This ebay post is useful.


So basically they take 10% plus any PayPal fee.

Selling options

You can do auction, Buy it now, Buy it now within auction, and you and set a minimum price.

Help page on Buy It now. Help page on reserve price.

PayPal fees

Useful table from here (Click the “See Pricing” button):


The fact you are selling on Ebay doesn’t influence the PayPal costs (Ebay own PayPal).

So basically you are charged 3.4% for the average transaction, let’s say.

That means the combined cost of Ebay and PayPal is about 13.5% of the sold value of your item. So if you sell something for £100 including postage, then they take £13.50 of that, leaving you with £86.50 (but bear in mind you have also lost out further because they took a cut of the postage).