Nexus 7 slow

I have a 2012 Nexus 7. A little after putting on Kitkat, it has been taking forever to load e.g. web pages. I found this solution – the article says it all – all good now.



Tablets, slates

Heard a review of this Asus transformer tablet – the range is a lot cheaper than it used to be. The plus point is that it has a keyboard. And then that got me looking at other tablets, including this HP slate with keyboard at £200 with the offer. And there are 11″ laptops, like this HP… but isn’t that what I have now, just a bit smaller, and lower spec’d?

Review from PC Mag.

So that review doesn’t rate it too highly, and you get led down this Windows route, which is quite attractive to me as a Windows developer. It’s the ASUS Transformer T100T, which looks pretty good at £290 on offer.

Review comparing the Surface 2 and the T100.

August 2014 – in fact the Slate has now disappeared from the HP site.