Amazon Drive: awful client

Having trialled Amazon Drive for 2 months, before it gets to 3 and pay-up time, I decided to go with OneDrive, as for 3 of us, that is good value. But I still needed to get my 300GB of data off Amazon and onto my external drive. And then the problems began: it seems that Amazon Drive does not tolerate anything other than the C drive. People have tried various workarounds such as symbolic links, editing the config json file, but these are hacks rather than supported options. After say 2 hours, I gave up, and found a good client called GoodSync, which does a nice job of giving visual feedback as the download progresses. Really makes the Amazon offering look feeble. And I just don’t understand why they have made such a mess of their own client offering. It is in such stark contrast to their constant reassessment of user interfaces for their other products. Odd.