City distances in Northern France




Cycling in France

Aiming to take the campervan to France this year. Potential main cycling routes… no info yet on the Routes Vertes or the VeloRoutes. (BdS references are to Baie de Somme)

Honfleur to Deauville – 1 hour

Honfleur to Rouen – 4.5 hours

Dieppe to Rouen – 3.5 hours

BdS to Dieppe – 3 hours

Calais to Gravelines – 1 hour

Le Touquet to Dieppe – 6 hours

Calais to Dieppe – 9 hours

Calais to Le Touquet – 4 hours

BaieDeSomme to Amiens – 3.5 hours

Useful motoring maps


Bikes: seized gear cables

The aim was to get the 3 gears on the big cog working. Somewhere between gear lever and er the thing that moves the cogs, something was seized. The most I can say is I learned a lot. I probably need to buy new gear cables and “outers”, which are the sleeve surrounding the wire at certain points, but for right now, at least having 2 of the 3 gears working on the big cog is enough. This by the way is my city/hybrid bike – my road bike does not have 10 or so years of grime between any gear cables and the outer. I am done for this weekend.


Cycling: those vulnerable road bike inner tubes

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of Emma joining us for an early bike ride (that’s not significant for the post, but I choose to throw it in 🙂 ). Emma and I had the hybrids, which already have the excellent Slime inner tubes, and which in the space of a lot of cycling over 3 years, have never let us down. In addition, Jan has a road bike, and I’ve recently bought one. Jan used the road bike for this ride. Once again, riding on a path, the road bike got a puncture. On average therefore, I would say we get a puncture one in every five 25 mile rides.

So yesterday we bought a pair of slime tyres for the road bikes. Although we like to go at a reasonable pace, we are not bothered about squeezing that last drop of performance out of our bikes. Thus, any weight or speed penalty the Slime introduces is justified by less time fitting a new tube or a sticky by the side of the road.

I’ll update this post if the road bike Slime does get a puncture which doesn’t repair itself.

For reference, below is a picture of the tube I used – 700X 19/25C. In fact the previous tyre was a 23C, but the tube fitted fine. If anything, it was easier to put on than the Slime on the hybrid. If you have not used these before, be aware that inflating the tyre can be a bit messy, at least when you are pressing the valve down to ensure it is free.

We got the tyres from Wilkinsons‘, which are great value at £6 each, right now. Retail is normally £10 or so I think.

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