Azure: disks

As my MSDN Azure subscription was threatening to have exhausted its credit before the end of the month, I decided to see if it was easy to resize the VM, or at least the Blobs making up the disk storage. Those disks are SSDs, 1TB. Azure charges for this by disk size (so called Premium Data Storage), and not by the actual data used. It is not possible to EASILY resize those disks, so I decided cut my losses and create a 128GB SSD as my data disk, which should easily be enough for my needs.

As so often, everything else in the post is a set of screenshots:


Azure: Billing

As I managed to blow my monthly Azure credits last time by not shutting down instances, I shall make sure that doesn’t happen again.

But I shall take checkpoints before doing that…

(sigh…) oh no you don’t. Take a look: evidently the capture is destructive, and you need to run SysPrep first. Not doing that tonight.

So given all my VMs, I need a a PowerShell script to shut them all down. Presumably from a cold start, I need to a) get my subscription, b) enumerate the VMs, c) stop if started, and is there a wait-for-job type command. And lastly do a check on the portal that they are indeed shutdown.

But I have successfully added an http endpoint which works fine, once I’ve installed IIS, and the DNS is obviously working fine, as I can address it by name from a remote machine. Great.