Azure: first steps in Automation and Runbooks

Just a collection of screenshots right now…


Chef: Starting over

By chance, by Google, I finally landed on a Good tutorial area on Chef, which I managed to avoid seeing for the bulk of the day, namely Chef’s own tutorial site []

So gathering up the points from the day:

  • Get an Azure VM – forget the supplied one, too slow (please make sure it’s Windows Server 2012R2 or higher, to avoid PowerShell pain)
  • Download the Chef DK to the VM, and install (installation takes a LONG time)
  • Also download Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, or some other decent editor
  • Check that Chef can be called from PowerShell as admin using [chef-apply -h]
  • Follow the basics for creating and using a file Resource, and a Recipe here
  • Follow the basics for creating and using a service Resource here
  • Follow the basics for creating a Cookbook here