NI Strummed Acoustic – midi editing

This post talks about me getting Strummed Acoustic (SA) as part of Komplete 11.

I now want to get some control over my recording by understanding enough about SA events to understand how to change the following mid-song by editing the song using the midi editor in, for my setup, Reaper, as a DAW:

  1. The pattern
  2. The pitch
  3. The accent/dynamic

Change the Pattern

First, listen to this sample, which gives 4 bars of a non-damped pattern, then the same 4 bars but damped, then repeats both those (so 4 non-damped, 4 damped, 4 non-damped, 4 damped).

The pattern changes are done by hitting a note in the second octave – in SA, the second octave is effectively used for control notes to implement pattern changes, as shown in the UI:

Change the Pitch

In this sample, you hear the transition from a chord played lower down the fret, to one higher up:

This is a “proper” control event – the Mod Wheel takes value [0] for the default fretboard position, that is, lower down, and the value [127] for the higher pitched version of the chord:

Change the accent/dynamic

… that is, make it softer / louder. Again a proper CC event, this time – Pitch Bend. When I was playing with the values, the arithmetic in my DAW, Reaper, seemed a bit off, in that sure the minimum value is zero, seems reasonable, but then adding 4000 to that gave 12192, and adding 8191 to that gave 16383. Regardless, the general principle is that something around zero gives a softer sound, and something around 16,000 gives a louder sound. For something more definitive, I googled [midi pitch bend min and max value], and found this as one of the returned posts. It will do.

Again, first an example of the output, going from soft to loud and back to soft:

Not much more to add to my opening point about how to make things softer and louder.





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