Chef and Azure:

I had not looked at the Chef docs for some time. They continue to be excellent. I was using them to see how deploying to Azure differed from a more on-premise VM. As far as I could see, the only difference was making sure that you had enabled the 80,5985 and 443 endpoints/ports in the Azure Portal. No amount of opening firewall ports on the provisioned VM will help if you have not done that.

I also suggest getting things working with the simplest possible test, and making network calls within a single server to start (I know what I mean hopefully you do, too late to explain more 🙂 )

I left comments here and here.

A very helpful post on WinRm and networking difficulties here.

Easiest way to get non-truncated history, btw (hm not so sure now):

h | select -Property CommandLine -unique > x.txt

Session edits.




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