Docker on older Windows: don’t bother

I have a working Windows Server 2016 with Containers Azure VM running Docker for Windows very successfully. As I could not resist, I started a Windows Server 2016 without Containers Azure VM, to see if I could get the Docker instructions for older Windows machines to work. (I had previously tried to get it running on my Windows 10 Anniversary box, and failed).

These are the links:

These are the screenshots, ultimately ending in failure. I started out with a 2 core/SSD box. I saw that unlike with the Azure box with Containers, predictably, there was no Docker entry in services. Things seemed to be going OK.. until the failures at the end.Conclusion: it is not worth the pain of installing Docker on a box that does not already have it available as a service… unless you enjoy going through the pain to get the reward. Part of the problem for me is that apart from my rubbish home laptop, I only have virtualised environments, and the Docker installation process is not expecting that.



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