DotNetCore: late November 2016

As noted back in June 2016, dnx etc. are no more, the confusingly named core is now JUST about  and not a more generalised catch all. Good. However… I am sure this morning I heard say on a podcast that the move towards non-Sln based solutions/projects was basically dead. That is, no more project.json, unless you are doing e.g. Visual Studio Code, which I will be here.

For the DotNetCore piece, this is your opening URL:


Installation of the .NET Core SDK:

Get Visual Studio Code (google it).

Let’s see where it has installed DotNet using where.exe:

And for my own interest, the existing versions of dotnet I’ve been collecting:

Now you have dotnet, you can carry on following the rest of the page. This does not need VS Code:

Then opening VS Code shows you that there is no .sln file… but there is a project.json, and a pretty big project.lock.json file, latter at 7000 lines, give or take:

Picking up in VS Code can be for another day.


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