PowerShell: ConvertFrom-Json

I want to express a simple file format spec in Json format, and then ingest it into a PowerShell object.

The spec content:

And then various views in PowerShell

22 $specAsJson = Get-Content -Raw .\FileSpec.json
23 $spec = $specAsJson | ConvertFrom-Json
24 $spec
25 $spec.FriendsSpec
26 $spec.FriendsSpec.columnSet
27 $spec.FriendsSpec.columnSet.column1
28 $specAsJson.GetType()
29 $spec.GetType()

In fact on reflection those are the rules, the schema effectively… cept in Json I believe we don’t like schemas. So the spec for the Friends spec I meant… let’s call it RealFriends as I don’t intend going back:

(Note the typo ref ReaDFriends). This is more like it. With the added plus that as a first class object, we can do stuff like Count. Spec is

$specAsJson = Get-Content -Raw .\ReadFriendsSpec.json
$spec = $specAsJson | ConvertFrom-Json


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