Komplete 10: first steps

I finally took the plunge and bought Native Instruments’ Komplete 10… which is now no longer available, as version 11 will appear in September.

My first 2 muckings-about were with Guitar Rig Pro (guitar processor) and some options within Kontakt.(sampled modules, e.g. brass, guitar, bass, etc.). Background to this is that it was only after I bought modules, 2 years back now, such as Toontrack’s

EzDrummer, and Cakewalk’s Z3ta synthesizer, and at least 2 piano samplers, each at £100 a pop, that I realised that Komplete was a cut-above in terms of sampling quality, and the one to have (other opinions are available).

Buying multiple things that do NEARLY the same thing is of course a recognised disease. But this is the end of it, you hear me, the end! Well, actually not: the zillion gig that Komplete consumes means I will need to buy a new SSD I think. I resisted a Samsung 1TB at £164 I think it was, but the next time, I shall take the plunge.



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