VSCode: richer snippets

Summary: I want to be able to use or define a constructor snippet in Visual Studio Code for C#. However it achieves it, that means when I press a reserved (by me, if I’m defining it) set of keystrokes, then it has to determine the class name, which at that point is only in memory? And therefore needs to be reflected over? In fact the last question is supposition and pointless.. but it’s staying there. 🙂 Regardless, I feel a bit frustrated that I have burned 3 hours and got nowhere. Diddums.

Like the ones in fullfat Visual Studio, that’s what I need. e.g. ctor. Means nothing in VSCode evidently.
This is the ctor snippet in VS-speak:



I thought I read that VSCode supported a richer syntax, so time to put that to the test.

Firstly there is this link:


Not a lot right now then. And what is there just uses the lean syntax I have used before. So no use.

Then we have the tutorial here, which contains this promising thang…

So first try

npm install -g yo

Which in my case gives me:

Your npm version is outdated.

Upgrade to the latest version by running:
npm install -g npm

OK…Getting annoyed now:


Maybe it was my own fault for doing it through PowerShell – now trying cmd/Node:



Seems better:


Now try
npm install -g generator-code



yo code



Do a find for folders with .tmSnippet…



Plug that in:




Really unhelpful. Exactly where have you installed it? Can’t find it using Windows Search, so let’s try PowerShell:

gci -Recurse -Path . -Filter “vsc-extension-quickstart.md” -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue



# Welcome to your VS Code Extension

## What’s in the folder
* This folder contains all of the files necessary for your extension
* `package.json` – this is the manifest file that defines the location of the snippet file
and specifies the language of the snippets
* `snippets/snippets.json` – the file containing all snippets

## Get up and running straight away
* press `F5` to open a new window with your extension loaded
* create a new file with a file name suffix matching your language
* verify that your snippets are proposed on intellisense

## Make changes
* you can relaunch the extension from the debug toolbar after making changes to the files listed above
* you can also reload (`Ctrl+R` or `Cmd+R` on Mac) the VS Code window with your extension to load your changes

## Install your extension
* To start using your extension with Visual Studio Code copy it into the /.vscode/extensions folder and restart Code.
* To share your extension with the world, read on https://code.visualstudio.com/docs about publishing an extension.





Let’s try this route for an example:




So the C# XML docs extension clearly works… I just have to work out how now, and then I can use that for ctor. Another night:


In fact as is often the way, now I am out of time, I’ve found possibly the most useful entries:







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