INPC: dnxcore50 vs dnx451

Basically, I just cannot (well, I could not… see below) get the INotifyPropertyChanged / PropertyChanged thang to work using dnxcore50… but I can using dnx451. Now you might say that under Core, it never is going to work… but I can’t see a good reason why that is necessarily so.

Here is the dnxcore50/INPC combination not working – as I say there is the System.ComponentModel in DnxCore… but not one evidently that includes INPC:

Now, I change project.json to refer to Dnx451… and all is accepted in the code, and hovering points back to the right metadata:


Well, I couldn’t just let it lie could I? Browsing, I found this:

Fine, but it puzzles me that the package to include is System.ObjectModel, but it is still System.ComponentModel that is referenced in the code. But basically we’re working again. This implementation is obviously not finished, but that is not the aim of this:


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