Visual Studio: code snippets

As at work we might stop using ReSharper, I’ll assume that and come back to how you do Code Snippets, Visual Studio-style.

There’s this from MSDN which shows you how to create one.

This is how you can use it of course: you start to type letters and after some pre-defined pause it assumes you want to see the snippet library, in this case for all snippets starting with [p]:


Where has this come from?



Now interesting here is that e.g. the [propa] and [propdp] snippets are not in that list, so presumably it at least aggregates from a few different sources under the [C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0] area. So if I do try to find e.g. propdp,


, which expands to this promising code:VSSnippets04

I need to know the location and extension of a snippet, so from the Manager, I can get the location, giving this:


Notice that [Snippets] is below [VC#], rather than the other way round, which seems a bit mad to me. Regardless,I now know where to look for the propdp snippet:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC#\Snippets\1033\NetFX30



So that too is under the VC# umbrella, so maybe it is just grouping the C# bits together.

More MSDN [List of common C# snippets (.e.g. for properties)] [Create a New Snippet with Replacements] [Distribute Code Snippets]

Now my pet rant on C# code snippets vs ReSharper was the fact that you can’t do any on-the-fly substitution (see my YouTube elsewhere on what I mean by that) on macro variables. Fine, with a few extra keystrokes, you can achieve the necessary with the standard snippet [propfull]:

PropFull01 PropFull02

and in simple uses, this is probably enough (propg):


Might be helpful to show what underpins the fuller one, propfull:




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