Chef: more

If I try to apply an example from the bottom of this page… then it’s pretty clear this content will not fly on Windows (but will of course on Unix/Linux). But it’s still interesting to see errors. I’ll include this in a .rb file..

file 'C:\temp\settings.ini' do
  owner 'root'
  group 'root'
  mode '0755'
  action :create

, and then run it:

No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.

OK, so I've played with some permutations on this, and I see that this  works:

DenChefOwner01 DenChefOwner02
, and if I deliberately give it a bad owner, then more or less we get this again:


so the catch-all for bad anything almost is the "Mapping" exception. So we'll back in the valid user and make them the Group as well, just as a quck test:
ChefUser01 ChefUser02

That is ok, so now let's apply the group and user exactly as they are in Computer Management:

ChefUser03 ChefUser04
Enough for now.




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