My music: iTunes and others

A lot of my spare time over the last 2 months has been spent doing the last 5% on an instrumental song that within a few days or so should propagate through to ITunes, Amazon and Spotify. How does it get to those places? Well, you can do it yourself, but a company by the name of TuneCore gets reasonable reviews, so I have gone with them.

Although I had a working name for the group/band and the single, and some initial stabs at artwork using my own art, my personal Focus Group, i.e. my 17 year old daughter, ruled that it was just not right. So I started again on the single name, and the artwork and the fonts. The ONE thing I’m less happy with is the volume of the mastered final song, which I put through ITunes based on the TuneCore advice (that’s not a criticism – their process is pretty good, I would say). It seems to have taken the volume down a notch or two, and I didn’t spot that before it went up. But it’s only $10 (they try to upsell various additional things.. and some of those I shall take) and the use of most of a precious Sunday.

Here then, is 30 seconds’s worth of a song that I’ve labelled as Pop, given the choices, but I don’t really know what to file it against:

And as SoundCloud chopped off parts of the ahem album cover, here’s the original:

FirstLight 6




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