Reaper: adding notes to a track

I would have thought that any decent DAW would have the means to save notes/comments against a track out-of-the-box. Well, Reaper certainly is decent, but does not have this ability natively. Happily someone has written a DLL (TrackNotepad.dll) to do that as a plug-in. As it is not well-publicised, I’ve saved it away in case one day that link is no longer there.

In order to use it…

  • download the zip file
  • expand it
  • save the expanded file to one of the DLL folders that Reaper scans
  • Do a rescan in Reaper
  • On a new or existing track, click the FX button, as you would if you were adding a music-type DLL
  • Locate the plug-in, and add it to your track
  • The notepad is then available using the ellipsis control in the TRHC of the track/plugin editor – there is no dedicated save button in the track



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