Damn Payroll sites

April 2014

Credit to this person for preventing me going mad when trying to understand why I couldn’t log into my employer’s payroll site. Completely misleading error messages.

July 2015

Pretty much as bad as it was. It actually does now support Chrome… if you discover the right URL, which for UK victims is


But if you go to the old URL, you still get you a great dreadful error message in Chrome:


And then once you get through, you get this dreadful message / UI:




I looked at their Twitter feed (self-congratulatory), and googled ADP Freedom (self-promoting), and looked for easy contact details, but you know what… if they make it so hard for me to say that for a punter this is just too hard, well I can’t be bothered.

I mean, this is just nasty (the only thing blanked out is my id under “Welcome to”, everything else is as-is):

ChromeNotSupported03 ChromeNotSupported04


Anyway, after all that I managed to get to my payslips. Right now, that’s the main thing.




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