Azure: controlling it from a Windows Tablet

Nothing special about this, but it was amusing to stop a VM from my Linx 10″ tablet, just to prove there is nothing to stop that – there shouldn’t be after all, it’s just a Windows 8.1 tablet.


In this first shot, having downloaded Azure for PowerShell, you’ll see the error “The server or proxy was not loaded”.


In the time it took me to Google it, I ran it again, and all was fine this time:


And then to stop the service…


These are the rough notes I took while running it for the first time on the Linx:


Try Azure command-line interface [Windows install]

takes about 30 minutes say

Add-AzureAccount - this fails first time with proxy error when it asks for authentication, but then succeeds a second time

“Looking for an account” - takes you to the sign on page

Brings up the id type subscription and tenants fine

Prompts you to use get-azuresubsciption

Great - so that works as well (all this so far without arguments)

Now try get-azurevm

Brings back all the VMs with ServiceName, Name, and Status (StoppedDeallocated, ReadyRole)

Now try to stop the ReadyRole one

stop-azurevm -name TheName -ServiceName TheServiceName

prompted for last deployment, resulting in new ip address

Beyond that, I deleted my VMs to staGetAzureVM01


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