Coded UI: Page Pattern tools

All credit to this person for getting this API library together:

I was particularly interested in running the Windows application context. However, running on Windows 10 (and I suspect 8.1), you get errors when trying to run Coded UI against the new version of calc.exe. So I used a calc.exe from the Internet (sure you could write your own). This is the one I used.

For whatever reason, System.Web.mvc isn’t findable when you first do a compilation. This page sorts that. An interesting point was that the name of the multiply control is ‘x’…. but Coded UI could not find it on playback. And yet it does find ‘+’, so I cut my losses and just did an addition for my test.

Significant ones are in pastebin:

Popa01 Popa02 Popa03 Popa04 Popa05



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