PowerShell: web scraping

This is useful.

Because I want to get a bunch say of html table cell entries into an object. So this takes you a lot of the way there. Start out by grabbing the site into an object:

$apressBooks = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "http://www.apress.com/microsoft/net-framework?limit=all"

These are the members:


From there you can grab e.g. the links:

$links = $apressBooks.Links



And you can get the hrefs from there (or do it all in 1 go of course):




WebRequest04Still a way to go but promising.







Music: Z3TA2

Synthesizers allow you to be pretty lazy… Having reinstalled the Z3TA on my laptop, I have been going through the various sounds available, and using this sound…


I came up with this 12-bar in Reaper:


, which sounds like this:

After that I just nicked the GoodTimes sample from the Z3Ta, and that sounds like this:

Music: composition

After a year of doing no composition (and with only 1 piece as real evidence that anything got done), I’m resurrecting the keyboard, VSTs, the USB interface. It was all complicated a bit by the fact that I have moved to another laptop… but not too much. I was concerned at first that Windows 10 does not support music and latency etc. as 8.1 bit, but I think that is down to the laptop speaker… which I don’t particularly care about.

Although this is only a bar or 2, I got there by using the LesPaul section from my ProDimension pro VST… which is a lot of VST for the £9 or so I paid on offer.

YouTube: money, money

So sure it’s pennies, but I am still waiting to get my first ever payment. It must surely happen soon – I must be around the $100 by now after 2 and a bit years. I was quite encouraged that my Silent SQLServer installation which went on a couple of weeks back, has earned me the princely sum of… 18 cents. But that puts it at number 4 in my list of monthly earners!. So that’s encouraging.


HDD vs SDD performance

In order to do a proper backup/restore of my ITunes, I’ve reverted to my old Acer Aspire 5750G I5 laptop, which is great… apart from its disk. I certainly hadn’t forgotten, but it has taken a full 15 minutes to get from a Hibernate to being anywhere near responsive. That is I believe all down to the disk, with it quite frequently getting to over 35 seconds as a response time: