Jasmine: trapping thrown errors

This is WAY easier than trapping a specific exception in C#:

Test – note that to get the test to pass, you (seem to) have to pass an anonymous function to expect():


Being new-ish to JavaScript, the specifics are new, but the concepts obviously/hopefully aren’t . So if the argument passed is NotANumber, then we’ll throw a custom exception. For all I know this may somehow not be best practice… but it works for my purposes right now:


And then the happy path test – I love the sensible idea of toBeCloseTo – I haven’t looked at its tolerances but what a great idea when “Close Enough” is all you want:



And this Jasmine cheatsheet is pretty useful.

it(“should only accept numbers when converting pounds to kilos”,function() {
expect(function() { ctrl.convertPoundsToKilos(“aa”); }).
toThrow(new Error(“the value was not a number”));

it(“should convert pounds to kilos”,function() {

vm.convertPoundsToKilos = function(weightInPounds) {
if (isNaN(weightInPounds)) {
throw new Error(“the value was not a number”);

return weightInPounds / 2.204623;

Did some more on Plunker – worth digesting for the dependency chain:



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