Testing vs Checking

I was at a testing conference on Friday. Something of a new experience for me. Quite a different dynamic from a developer conference. I might have got more value from going to the Hands-On workshops (budget allowing, but I think I have had my allotted days 🙂 )…



A word I had never heard before was Checking… at least not repeated so frequently in any other place. People nodding sagely at its mention. Getting home, I googled Testing vs. Checking, and this post appeared, which feels like the Testing equivalent of the Agile Manifesto, well, not quite, but it’s couched in those kind of terms. The author is James Bach, with Michael Bolton. James Bach is the author (if I have understood) of Rapid Software Testing. It feels like a more risk-based approach than that of the ISQTB, but the latter would doubtless say they value the risk-based focus as much as anyone.

At the end of the day (that’s literally, not figuratively), in something called the 99 second talks, someone railed in favour of the AST, which when you look for that in a testing context, gives you this. Very interesting contrast, in terms of marketing, to the ISQTB approach.

Finally, drifting even further away from the intitial theme, some more links:





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