PowerShell and SqlServer: dropping a set of databases

I have a bunch of databases which follow a prefix pattern.

For resetting my tests, I want to drop them, using PowerShell. Assumption: no concern about anyone/thing accessing those databases at that time.

This does that:

PS C:\PowerShell> Drop-Database -Server .\DWSQL -DatabasePrefix "TestSet" -Verbose



   Drop set of databases with a given prefix, using a trusted connection.
   Ensure that you do not specify Masters or any system database.
   If no databases are found matching the prefix, it reports and returns.
   Else each found database is dropped, silently.
   If a SQL error happens, then that is reported to the screen.
   Drop-Database -Server .\DWSQL -DatabasePrefix "TestSet" -Verbose
function Drop-Database
    Param (
    Begin {
    Process {
        $sqlCommand = "set nocount on; select name from sys.databases where name like '$DatabasePrefix%'"
        Write-Verbose $sqlCommand
        $DbNames = @(sqlcmd.exe -S $Server -Q $sqlCommand)
        if ($DbNames.Count -le 2) {
            Write-Host "No database prefix [$DatabasePrefix] found"
        $dropCommand = $DbNames | select -Skip 2 | % { "drop database $_ "}
        $dropCommand | % { Write-Verbose " $_ "}
        $dropCommand | % { & sqlcmd.exe -S $Server -Q "$_"}
    End {

cd C:\PowerShell


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