Spotify: copying playlists between accounts

My daughter now effectively has her own Spotify account, and I wanted to get my old playlists from her. I thought it would be easy just by Following… but when looking for Friends in Spotify, I could not find the account.

Saving playlists is do-able by other means, namely:

  • go to the Spotify player (
  • log in as the source user (the own who has the playlists you want)
  • Go to (left tool bar) Your Music / Playlists
  • For each list you want to save:
    • Navigate to the playlist in Spotify
    • Right click / Copy Spotify URL / paste the URL into notepad or somesuch
  • log out of the Spotify player
  • Now log back in to Spotify player as the target user (the one who wants the playlists)
  • For each of the playlist URLs you want save
    • paste the URL for the playlist from Notepad into the browser URL
    • This brings up the playlist in the Spotify browser
    • Click follow

Done all those? You’re done.



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