Guitar riff for Deep Purple’s Lazy

A reminder to myself that this blog is supposed to be about a bit more than code.

A few weeks back, I bought a Vox practice amp:


, and promptly sent it back because it was just too dull.

I then ordered this Peavey practice amp:


It’s not as big as the photo might suggest. The main thing is, it is just fantastic. It cost £90 or so at the time, now more like £150. Listen to my attempt to do it a tiny bit of justice… and failing, ha ha (click on “SoundCloud” below to go to the site rather than just play the snip):


Windows 10, Visual Studio Community Edition, and Windows Phone

Argh. Argh argh argh argh argh.

(but OK-ish in the end for the emulator but not the phone – check the end of the post)

In installing Windows 10, I trusted in my VisualSVN server (good), trusted in Azure (good), but my published Windows app now fails to deploy with an error. What error? Too late to talk about that, but here are most of the screenshots that led to that point. Some tidying and explanation may follow (also, since Windows 10, the snipping tool hangs for 30 seconds, then fine – can’t see anything in task manager to indicate why).


azureBilling01 azureBilling02 visualsvn2_01 visualsvn2_02 visualsvnServer_01 visualsvnServer_02 visualsvnClient_03 visualsvnClient_04 visualsvnClient_05 visualsvnClient_06 visualsvnClient_07 visualsvnClient_08 visualsvnClient_09 PhoneEmulators01 visualsvnClient_10 visualsvnClient_11 visualsvnClient_12 visualsvnClient_13

One last argh.

15 minutes later….


And now it’s OK, with absolutely no changes on my part. I wonder if Windows 10 was still sending in its updates, along with Visual Studio etc, and it thought I was a bit quick off the mark.

We’ll see if it’s still healthy another day.

Trying to deploy to the phone rather than the emulator I get this…

Error 6 Error : DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001. See log file 'C:\data\sandbox\SvnCheckoutRoot\LanguageApps\Projects\SpeakingNumbers\SpeakingNumbers\obj\ARM\Release\MDIL\MDILXapCompileLog.txt' for more details.

That file is too big to post here, but the final lines give no clues, other than the word “CrossGen”:

CrossGen failed
Error processing assembly C:\data\sandbox\SvnCheckoutRoot\LanguageApps\Projects\SpeakingNumbers\SpeakingNumbers\obj\ARM\Release\MSIL\NumberSpeaker.exe
Raw error code: 2147942411

AngularJS: learning with CodeSchool

I’ve been looking at various books and online tutorials for learning AngularJS, and although it was staring me in the face every time I downloaded an AngularJS… js, I didn’t take much notice of the course. Today I did: just based on the first part, it is really nicely put together with tests at the end of each module to check progress. I think I’ll persevere with it, and drop the others.

It’s from CodeSchoolangTutorial01

Spotify: copying playlists between accounts

My daughter now effectively has her own Spotify account, and I wanted to get my old playlists from her. I thought it would be easy just by Following… but when looking for Friends in Spotify, I could not find the account.

Saving playlists is do-able by other means, namely:

  • go to the Spotify player (
  • log in as the source user (the own who has the playlists you want)
  • Go to (left tool bar) Your Music / Playlists
  • For each list you want to save:
    • Navigate to the playlist in Spotify
    • Right click / Copy Spotify URL / paste the URL into notepad or somesuch
  • log out of the Spotify player
  • Now log back in to Spotify player as the target user (the one who wants the playlists)
  • For each of the playlist URLs you want save
    • paste the URL for the playlist from Notepad into the browser URL
    • This brings up the playlist in the Spotify browser
    • Click follow

Done all those? You’re done.


PowerShell: change default prompt

reallThanks here



Now PS has setup the $profile file in the right location, edit in Notepad:


function Global:prompt {“PS [$Env:username]$PWD`n>”}



Oh yes, this is a new machine…



Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

(and remember you have to run this as admin)

I’d say that’s a pretty useful prompt – the backtick gives you back your real estate once you know the directory name – thanks StackOverflow person






Angular: error – ngRoute is not available

I’ll think about this another night…


OK, just a little look on stackoverflow then…

“If you are not sure which module is missing, use the not minified angular.js which gives a readable error message:"Error: [$injector:nomod] Module 'ngRoute' is not available! You either misspelled the module name or forgot to load it. If registering a module ensure that you specify the dependencies as the second argument."

Good point – I am minified. Look at it tomorrow.

No, got it – the de-minification gave the clue:


“Module ‘ngresource’ is not available”

That was all I needed. Change this:


to this…


Bingo of sorts: