GitHub: images in

When I open a in GitHub, I want to see an image – that’s my use case.
As the suffix implies, this is Plain Old Markdown, so markdown syntax applies.

As an example:


You can put words inside the square brackets, but I could not see those words in a caption or tooltip, etc, in the page, so I am showing my ignorance of markdown detail, but this is good enough for me.

In fact I found this useful markdown cheat sheet, but the examples did not work for me ref the alt text, so I’m not dwelling on that anymore.

Mocha: async points in [before]

Another one under “driving me nuts”… for now just see the gist here, with a focus on the position of the [done()] call. Those more experienced than me in JavaScript may look at this and find it obvious… but it took me a long time for the penny to drop.


PowerShell: weird stuff when returning ArrayList

… unless you understand that a) ArrayList.Add() returns an integer, being the index of the item in the array, b) that goes onto the pipeline (unless you do something to eat it before it returns to the caller).

Here are the MSDN docs on ArrayList, where you can find the point about the Add method return value.

Here is a snippet where you can test the point in PowerShell