Windows Homegroup

Was telling me “get your HG password from the creator”. Whatever. Delete these idstore.*  folders and reboot:


If you are then getting these symptoms:


It may be that previously you set HomeGroup access off in preference to user account access. (The picture below shows it fixed, previously radio button was on “Use user acc…”)




SqlServer: get rowcounts for wildcards


SqlServer/PowerShell: simple test of backup and restore

The SQLServer package has taken over from SQLPS. Basic backup and restore examples on my GitHub, and the data I used to create the tables (just create the databases by hand for now).

And the screenshots as I got the hang of it…


SQLServer: refresh in February 2018

For my own playing, the combination of LocalDB and SSMS continues to be sufficient for me. LocalDB is about 50MB, SSMS is about 800MB.

Location for SSMS download is here. (UK location any road). Pictures hopefully cover the rest.

I see that a year back or so, we were at SSMS 17.0 RC1, and at that point or recommended for production use. Now on 17.4. And as for LocalDB, well that is one of the SQLExpress variants. A year ago that was at SQLServer 2016 Express SP1. Now we are at SQL Server 2017.

And every time I forget the server name for LocalDB. It is (LOCALDB)/MSSQLLocalDB.

Reaper: creating and editing loops

The pictures should cover it all, apart from removing the selection, which is done by pressing the Esc button while you are in Reaper.  Please comment if you think it needs more.